Job Posting - Pastor of Preaching & Leadership

As of 5/8/19 the Search Team is moving onto the interviewing stage with the candidates who have already applied. Feel free to apply and we will keep the application on hand for if we open the application process for a second round.   

We are seeking a pastor to work in concert with the other elders and pastor to help us fulfill our mission of knowing God, treasuring Him, and offering Him to the World. First a little bit about our church. 

About CBC - Who We Are

CBC is a healthy, stable, active independent Baptist church on the North Shore of Boston where there is a tremendous need for the Gospel. CBC remains hungry for God’s Word, driven to worship the Lord, and eager to grow and fulfill its vision while leveraging its unique history, character, and community connections for increased missional effectiveness.

CBC is a vibrant congregation with an average Sunday attendance of about 140 and a serious, yet contemporary worship style. The church is comprised of young families, working professionals, college and seminary students, and local community members – some of whom have been attending for many generations and can trace their roots back to the founders of the church! Calvary is becoming increasingly diverse, but remains proud of its Slavic roots. Over 60% of our congregation is made up of married couples, many of which are young families. 71% of the congregation is between the ages of 18-40, not including the growing number of children which currently comprises 30% of the congregation! This year CBC celebrated its centennial birthday to commemorate 100 years of ministry in Peabody. 

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Christ Centered Community

We love to fellowship and have fun together as a church as we bring the gospel to our communities and get to know them. Some activities and outreach events we enjoy are bubble soccer, Trunk or Treat, Easter egg hunts and sometimes a good potluck skit to appreciate our pastors.  We often like to celebrate our loving church community on social media by using the hashtag #CBCLife. Please enjoy looking over some of the abundant #CBCLife the Lord has blessed us with on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook

Beliefs, Vision, and Values

We believe in the Holy Scriptures: accepting fully the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments as the very Word of God.

We believe in the one true God: Who is omniscient, sovereign, spiritual and personal; perfect, infinite, and eternal in His being.

We believe in the Lord Jesus Christ: Who is the Second Person of the Triune God, the Eternal Word and Only Begotten Son, the divine agent in creation, revelation and redemption.

We believe in The Holy Spirit: Who is the Third Person of the Triune God. He convicts the world concerning sin, righteousness and judgment.

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Andy Katzmire | Pastor of Connection and Care

The newly hired pastor will work alongside Pastor Andy Katzmire and the other elders as part of a team to shepherd the CBC congregation.  Andy is from Harrisburg, PA and completed his undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) in Indiana, PA. After graduating from college he worked for four years on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ at IUP. During that time he met his wife Christy, who is from Maryland and was also serving on staff with Campus Crusade. They were married in October 2005. In August 2006 they moved to South Hamilton, MA where they attended Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

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Worship Style

We sing a wide variety of songs, ranging from the great hymns of the past to the most Christ-exalting modern songs and hymns of the present. Singing is led by a small band of musicians in a modern style. We also worship with a church choir on special occasions.

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Job description

Pastor of Preaching & Leadership

This full-time (40-50 hours a week) staff member serves as a pastor-elder, with the Elder Board, and carries the primary responsibilities of preaching the Word and leading the church to fulfill its vision. It also includes the administration of the ordinances, care, visitation, community engagement, and staff management. He shall model and encourage in others a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and promote, through direct action, the growth of God’s people to become maturing, multiplying disciples of Jesus Christ. He is expected to work in concert with other Pastor and Elders to facilitate the congregation’s spiritual growth and deepen its biblical knowledge by providing leadership which promotes the development of authentic Christian community, discipleship, and accountability so that all members of the body are engaged and built up in unity and maturity in Christ.   


This elder shall meet the scriptural qualifications for his office found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. In addition, he must have the spiritual gifts, experience, and training necessary to enable him to perform his duties. The Pastor of Preaching & Leadership must possess the qualities described below.

  • is a stable, mature, and growing Christian with an exemplary personal, marital, and family life (if applicable)
  • has a sound knowledge of scripture and an ability to effectively interpret and apply it with accuracy, clarity, relevance, and Gospel-centeredness in ways that lead to life transformation
  • possesses strong leadership, communication, and management skills
  • has a sincere love for others and a passion for reaching the lost
  • has a deep concern for the care and spiritual health of the congregation
  • is committed to a teamwork approach to ministry
  • Must agree with the CBC statement of faith, vision, and mission statements
  • Maintain a healthy personal relationship with God through prayer, Bible study, and connection with other believers


This elder’s role will be specifically focused on:

  • teaching/preaching (roughly 80% of total annual preaching load)
  • leading by developing, maintaining, communicating, and executing the vision and direction of the church with the elders
  • sharing in pastoral care (roughly 20%) and counseling of the church
  • managing the staff and overseeing select deacons and ministry leaders
  • working with worship director to plan, coordinate, and execute Sunday services
  • share the officiating of weddings, funerals, and baptisms with elders and pastoral staff


The Pastor of Preaching & Leadership is accountable to the Elder Board as one of the elders. He will regularly meet with other elders to annually set vision-focused goals, strategic initiatives, and/or objectives.


  • Master of Divinity or equivalent from an accredited seminary is preferred
  • Several years of serving a congregation in various leadership, shepherding, and preaching capacities is preferred

Personal Characteristics

We are searching for a pastor with the following personal characteristics: 

Evangelism & Outreach
  • A relational pastor who has a passion for sharing the Good News with all people and engaging with them on a personal level.
  • A leader who seeks to engage with the intellectual-academic culture of New England.
Vision & Leadership Development
  • A leader who is aligned with the CBC vision for Christ-centered community, evangelism, and leadership development and can lead others in realizing this vision across the scope of church ministries.
  • A coach who can equip and affirm others, empower them, and help grow their God given spheres of ministry and influence.
  • A spiritually-gifted preacher whose sermons apply biblical teaching with clarity and practicality to everyday life and challenge the congregation to continual growth in Christian maturity.
  • A listener who offers empathetic understanding and concern for people in the joys, challenges, and transitions of life.
  • A counselor who provides opportunities for individuals, couples, families, and groups to enter into healing relationships.

If you think the Lord is leading you to serve and invest long term with our church please use the link below to apply.  You will need to submit the items listed below.  

  • Resume
  • Answers to a short questionnaire. 
  • A sermon audio file or link to sermon video

We look forward to starting a conversation with you about this opportunity. 

Grace and peace, 

The CBC Search team

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